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Calamatic Foundation is a unique private initiative in the humanitarian industry started by Mr. B (Bart) Mijnster in 2008. Our (longterm) objective :" to provide habitat-solutions to people without a home, like refugees, dropouts and victims of violence and disaster".

Why unique?

As a habitat is the local combination of housing, water, energy, sanitation, sewerage, etc. each situation is different. The challenge was to provide generic solutions that fit the specific local demand. We choose a chain approach were we can control each step. From local demand till final installation, including options like local production-facilities, knowledge transfer and finance. In fact we combine humanitarian aid with self-employment and independence.

In "Our approach" you will find the basics of our approach, information about an innovative CLM-panel-technology, modular housingkits, the Calamatic network of productionmembers that contributes to the Rapid Force Stock and our Calamatic partnerprogram for potential productionmembers.

We sincerely hope that you support us in realising the objective :
"A roof above the head for everyone"

The Calamatic Foundation team